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Locks replacing Oakland ,ca

Do you need your locks to be replaced ?

Do you want to install new locks to be installed on your door?

If so then you are at the right place, call me now to schedule appointment.

I can help you with your Door Knob ,Dead Bolt or any other lock

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Why should you call me to replace your locks?

*you save lots of money on replacing your locks with me. Why? Because im

Giving direct service with no middle man companies.

*im a mobile locksmith that located in Oakland ,ca and will give you the service at your location

*you can call me any time 24 hours a day for replacing your locks.

Our 24 hour locksmith services

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Locks replacing services costs

I can replace your house locks using your locks or I can replace your locks with locks that I bring with me, doesn’t matter if it’s a door knob or deadbolt, schlage or quiqset I got them all.

The cost of each lock is only $35-$55 and that will include the installation too.

If you need more then one lock then I will provide you also free key matching service. I will make sure that all the locks im installing in your house will be the same key free of extra charge…

Call me now for appointment or to get an exact price estimate over the phone

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Daniel’s tip

If you want to install particular locks then you can contact me and send me a request or you can just get any lock you want and call me only for the installation of the lock.

If you want to change your key to the house them there is no need to replace your lock with a new one, you can call me for a rekey services. I can change your key without changing your lock and that by replacing your lock pins. You can save your money like that especially when the lock is good but you want to be the only one with a key to your lock


Call me now for 24 hour locks replacing services

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