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Keyless locks installations 24 hour at your house, office or your business. You may also provide the keyless lock and I will only install it for you .

Keyless locks

Keyless entry locks are locks that have an option to get unlocked safely without the need of a key, most of the keyless locks will need a combination of numbers to get them unlocked while some of other keyless locks which called biometric locks will only need the touch of your finger. It is possible to install keyless locks on your front door, office door or any other door you want to be secured with the convenience of not having the keys with you. you can have a keyless door handle, door knobs or deadbolts. They are usually more complicated to install.


Which is the right keypad door lock for you?

You will find lots of keyless locks and from many kinds at the different locks and hardware stores and they will mostly come as a keyless deadbolt or as a keyless door handle.

Basically there is 2 main categories lock which are the mechanical keyless door lock or the electronic door locks.

Mechanical locks- usually are combination locks which has buttons which you need to press at the right combination. The mechanical locks will need some force to press on the button and most of them are hard to rekey(key changing) and will need a locksmith for that but those locks don’t use electricity and will run for long time with no need for batteries replacing.

Electronic locks- the electronic door locks are popular and you may find different kinds such as keypad door locks with touch screen which or fingerprint locks which called biometric locks.

We provide and install:

*Electronic locks

*Keypad locks

*biometric locks\fingerprint locks

*Mechanical door locks

*Any other keyless locks

Our service to you is direct with no dispatch companies or any other middle man between you and your service.

I provide service only to the east bay area so you can enjoy fast arrival time. Im available at my direct number right now  (510)463-7788

Keypad style

lever keypad

lever keypad

knob keyad

knob keypad

Handle keypad

Handle keypad









lever keypad lock+installation+ programing  $650-$600 total
handle keypad lock+ installation+ programing $500-$600 total
knob keypad lock+ installation+ programing  $450-$550 total
The average rate for only labor+ programing
***you provide the lock
lever keypad installation+ programing  $150-$300 total
Handle keypad installation+ programing  $150-$250 total
Door knob keypad installation+ programing  $100-$200 total